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Mother of 2 unvaccinated children. The kids have traveled extensively...

"Mother of 2 unvaccinated children. The kids have traveled extensively (i.e.: to S. American and Indian farms to the Middle East, through Europe and North America)

Both kids are overall very happy and healthy. They are calm and well-behaved in the most trying of circumstances (i.e., long flights!). They are sociable and do well academically. I have resorted to conventional medical assistance for each once in their lives so far. They don't have asthma or skin issues, rarely, if ever get colds or ear pain.

In retrospect, I would have used homeoprophylaxis and other measures going through India. We were all fine until the plane back from India where I felt my stomach churn and my 2 year old began a long episode of tummy stuff which hasn't totally, to be very honest, resolved. While we did visit the conventional system for assistance in this area, stool tests showed nothing. I did some Heilkunst work on him, with some success, and then I had a good CoRe reading done, with more success. We're done to avoiding oranges and pineapples until I can make more progress. I could flog myself for this, but then I remember that I am human, I make mistakes, etc. Overall, I have learned from this and far prefer our continued present course than the alternative vaccination route.

Best to all parents who find themselves deliberating on this issue."

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