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I never received vaccinations nor did my child

I am a mother of 2yr old son and one on the way. My son has never gotten one shot in his life and is the healthiest child out of all the kids we do play group with! The others are always sick, allergies, runny noses etc... he has never made a trip to the doctor or needed it.

Both myself and my sister never received vaccinations as children or adults and both of us have outstanding health! I have been around people who have Chicken Pox and never caught it, also around others who were very sick and never caught their illnesses as well.

My son is off the charts with hand eye coordination, speaking ability and other 'milestones' kids reach at this point. We are very happy with our decision and will continue to back it up with organic eating, juicing and homeopathic remedies for anything that comes along."

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