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It is refreshing to be asked "So, how has the decision to not vaccinate...

It is refreshing to be asked "So, how has the decision to not vaccinate your child affected your family?"  Why is it, that no one has ever asked us that before now? We have always been met with deer-in-the-head-light or quiet eyes-of-judgement, that we are making a decision that is not only wrong for our child, but risky for society by us having our "cesspool" daughter walking among them and their fully vaccinated children.

I am a family wellness-based chiropractor of 19 years. I was raised in a medical family with a father as a medical doctor and mother a nurse. The first time I ever thought to question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines was in second year chiropractic school in Immunology class, taught by the professor who also taught at the University of Toronto's Medical School. In learning about the immune system, how it works, and how vaccines stimulate the various pathways within it, vaccinations started to seem like a bad idea to me. That was 22 years ago. A lot more is known about the physchoneuroimmune system now that just reaffirms my initial questioning. I am fortunate that I knew what my decision would be regarding vaccination and raising children well before I ever had my own. Thankfully, I found a husband who completely agrees.

Our daughter is now an amazing, happy, healthy, never had a drug, of any kind in her life10-year old. She is healthier than I ever imagined she would be.

All of our lifestyle choices have resulted in this, not just not vaccinating. She did have a traumatic birth, was adjusted immediately and has been her whole life, breastfed for 4.5 years, we eat the best we can, most of the time, she has had fevers, especially when younger, which we supported and let do their job, she has never seen a medical doctor, and a naturopath once, just for a check-up.

All that said, I have found that the majority of parents in my practice who have made the choice to not vaccinate are well-educated, and keep themselves well-informed regarding all the other health choices that are the huge responsibility of becoming a parent. It's not an easy task!

Thank-you so much for putting together this research. Please let me know if you ever collate all these stories in a book as it would be a great way to share with others.

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