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I am the mother of 3 year old in Ontario Canada.

I am the mother of 3 year old in Ontario Canada. After much research and deliberation, I opted not to vaccinate my daughter with any of the recommended vaccinations. Thankfully, I have a fairly supportive family so I wasn't met with any resistance at all (mostly questions). My husband trusted that I did my research and that I would know best so he was also supportive. To date, we couldn't be happier about our decision. My daughter is the healthiest, happiest, brightest little girl imaginable (and I'm not just saying that because I love her). She is leaps and bounds ahead of other children her age (her preschool teachers point this out to me almost daily). I'm grateful for this as she's a December baby headed into a JK/SK split class this September ... so she'll be the youngest by far. I have no concerns. Socially and cognitively she will not suffer at all and in fact will put some of the older kids to shame with her abilities. In addition to not being vaccinated, she eats a predominantly organic and GMO free diet and is highly supplemented with top-quality supplements. The benefits of this combination speaks for itself. My daughter is very healthy, has no allergies, never goes to the doctor, has a great personality and is incredibly smart. I have another child on the way and I won't change a thing ... why would I? I feel sad that other parents haven't yet come to the same conclusions I have. I tend to keep my opinions to myself, but I do feel very strongly that vaccinating our children is a mistake and not worth the risk.
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