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J. is our eighth child and the first to remain almost completely undamaged...

"J. is our eighth child and the first to remain almost completely undamaged by the medical system. We did not even allow any newborn testing (such as PKU, etc...), nor did we allow a hearing screening, or vitamin k, or even the antibiotics in the eyes. He did not leave our sight in the hospital, because we did not trust the nurses to respect our desire to protect him from testing, vaccines, etc.... In fact, we would have avoided the hospital altogether if I did not have to deliver by c-section. J. is more alert and healthier than any of our other children. He is almost two and has not needed medical care yet. He is rarely sick, and has never had an ear infection. If fourteen years ago, before we had our first child, our pediatrician (or anyone for that matter) had given us a list of vaccine ingredients, including an understanding as to how they are made, and perhaps the opportunity to view the warning label (although the ingredi  ent list would have done it for me), we would have NEVER vaccinated any of our children, ever. It should be mandatory that ingredients and warning labels be read by parents before a doctor is allowed to administer a vaccine. We are lied to and deceived by our government and our medical doctors/establishment. We did not question our doctors, because we were raised to believe that they existed for our good and we were to trust them. Well, we have paid the price, along with countless others. We stopped vaccinating three years ago. Shortly after my seventh child was born. She had only a few vaccines, but still a few too many. Several of my other children also came out only partially vaccinated. When I first learned of the ingredients of vaccines and how they were made, I was devastated and in shock that I had been so foolish to believe the doctors and cause such irreversible harm to my children. I am still grieved about it. People need to be told the truth!"

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