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My story is a bit different, although my 3 year old daughter...

"My story is a bit different, although my 3 year old daughter has never been vaccinated she does have ASD, I think its mild and we have chosen a treatment not supported in most countries.  I have never been vaccinated my self, i chose this for both of my children.  I also have a 7 month old son who seems to be free of ASD, as he is my second child, i can clearly see that my daughter was effected from birth and probably before.  She was conceived via IVF, at the time of egg retrievel my husband had a high fever, a urologist suggested a procedure where they collect sperm that had not been affected by the fever, they develop the sperm in the lab and perform ICSI.  My better judgement was screaming NO but the medical team  assured me this would be fine.  At age 2.4   My daughter was diagnosed with ASD.  We feel very good about our choice to not vaccinate her, had we done so i believe she would have been much much worse.  My son was not conceived the same way and he is so much different than my daughter at this age.  We Chose to do stem cell therpay with my daughter.  I know autism is brain damage or missing healthy cells in the brain and throughout the body, in chosing stem cell we are actively regrowing and replacing damaged and missing cells.  It is still early only 5 months post stem cell, but we have had enormous improvement.  Still a long way to go but we are getting there rather quickly.  Dr. Rader from Medra has had 100 success rate with hus therapy and there are patient histories where children recover fully from ASD, so we are hopeful our daughter will only keep getting better.

She had a little speech up until age 2 then lost it all, woke up one morning and just said dadadadada.  It was the scariest time on my life.  She is getting her baby babble back and even starting to say words now.

I took an online course from Sheri Nakken on the dangers of vaccines prior to having children, so i know the dangers and know how vaccines contribute to autism.  We refused every thing at the hospital with both my kids, no vit K, no eye goop and I  had delayed cord clamping with my son even though he was an emergency C section.

I feel very good about my choice, we only practice homeopathy.  I dont even take my son to the dr for well visits, he is very healthy, apart form the ASD my daughter only gets colds."

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