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I have 3 sons ages 7, 5, and 2 and they have never been vaccinated

"I have 3 sons ages 7, 5, and 2 and they have never been vaccinated.   We chose to simply delay them when our first son was born but as he got older and we had more kids, we decided to delay indefinitely.   They have been very healthy boys!  They have never had ear infections or any of the "typical" childhood illnesses.  They have each in turn had a bad cold when they were babies,  but they are rarely sick now.  And when they are (once in the last 9 months) it consists of feeling tired for a day or two and a stuffed nose for just as long.  While we always choose natural remedies and wholesome food to strengthen their bodies, we fully believe by not vaccinating we have kept their immune systems working properly and healthy.  In a world of antibiotics, our boys have never had a single dose!  We homeschool our children which also helps them from being bombarded with daily germs but we are out and about town frequently and often come into contact with kids their age who are usually always suffering from runny noses or throwing up, especially during winter and spring. 
My 7 year old son has a pretty strong food intolerance to gluten and dairy.   We discovered it when he was 3 after noticing severe digestion issues.  My youngest son, almost 2, has an eczema reaction to eggs.   Their food intolerances make me even more grateful that we didn't vaccinate.  I have read and fully believe in the gut/brain connection.  If their bodies had been given vaccines as newborns and followed the recommended schedule, I have no doubt that we would be seeing some serious psychological or neurological issues with it now.   Instead, all we have to deal with is where to find gf, vegan food when we are out, and the very occasional cold.  We are truly happy with our decision not to vaccinate!"
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