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I have 9 children. Four of them are fully vaccinated...

"I have 9 children. Four of them are fully vaccinated, two are partially vaccinated, and 3 are not vaccinated at all. 8 of my 9 children (including the vaccinated ones) contracted chicken pox, and it was mild in all of them. One of my unvaccinated children contracted measles, and it was even more mild than the chicken pox. It makes me wonder what all the hullabaloo is about - probably because the disease takes about 10 days to run its course, and no one wants to miss that much work or school. Interestingly, my other 2 unvaccinated kids didn't catch the measles from him. Two of my kids contracted pertussis (whooping cough), one vaccinated and one unvaccinated. Interestingly, the unvaccinated daughter kicked it more easily than the vaccinated son, who struggled even a year later with coughing spells! Some may question my sanity, knowing my kids contracted whooping cough yet still sticking to the decision to not vaccinate. Well, my daughter is alive and healthy. Unfortunately my sister's nephew (on her husband's side) died in his car seat on the way home from having a DPT shot. When his mommy went to get him out of his carseat when they arrived home, her baby was dead, and all her efforts to resuscitate him were to no avail (she was a nurse). Because of this extreme reaction, my sister's children aren't allowed to have the pertussis vaccine. But, that's not a problem, since the disease is fairly easy to treat. My kids, other than the rare cold and even rarer flu, are never sick - except for the instances I mentioned (which has been spread over 28 years). I'll be honest with you, we aren't on the healthiest diet. My kids enjoy junk food and McDonald's food and Lucky Charms for breakfast - and they're STILL healthier than all their friends!"

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