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My son is a happy, healthy and vibrant 4 year old

"My son is a happy, healthy and vibrant 4 year old.  He was born at home, eats mainly organic and natural foods, never was vaccinated and will most likely be home-schooled.  My husband and I did not come to the decision to not vaccinate lightly.  We spent countless hours researching, watching lectures, reading stories and watching documentaries.  Actually, the more we learned the more we became angry and frustrated so many others do not question the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They are literally destroying our children, and we need to continue to bring awareness to this issue.  It deeply saddens me that many are so unwilling to question science and better understand how immunity actually works.  Thank goodness I listened to my maternal intuition, my son can thank me for it.  He is rarely ever sick, and if he is it is usual very mild and over in a few days.  He has never been to the Dr. or an illness, we take him to the chiropractor instead.  He is thriving and beautiful."

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