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I have five very healthy un-vaccinated children...

I have five very healthy un-vaccinated children with my ex-husband Sam, who from the day of their birth was normal, bright, nurtured and protected from anything that would cause them harm within reason.   I loved my children like most parents do, wanting the very best for them and also trying to avoid any of the pit-falls I went through.   We all want our children to be healthy because we all realize that health is the one gift that allows us to do virtually anything we want to do in life!  Without our health, we must struggle to do even the simple things.  Children, for sure, deserve the best opportunity to be healthy!  We were very blessed because before our first child was born, we discovered the real secrets to raising healthy happy children!  It is not so much "What you do" but more about "What you don't do".  We did things very non traditionally....more like they would have done 100 years ago!  Our children were easy to learn, happy and emotionally stable, rational and pretty easy to control with discipline.  They were normal children all with unique personalities.  My husband, Sam and I were on the same page with how we were going to feed them, educate them and basically, we did things a little different than most. Be believed in natural home birth, the family bed and long-term nursing and avoided all medications, even over-the-counter drugs.  We gave the body time to work through problems because we understood this process called immune system development.  We never had a chronically sick child who needed lots of medical care.  Sure our children got the "normal childhood illnesses" like chicken pox, runny noses and colds, swollen glands, fevers and rashes and they got sick like most.  In fact, my second child, Austin, was very sensitive and was the one who had some health "challenges" between birth and 6 years old. There were moments when I was up all night; sleep deprived and even a little scared.   But, the choices we made and how we dealt with those moments made a huge difference in the health of our children and the outcomes.

Life is hard enough with healthy children!  I do not know what it is like to have a child who is always ill, suffering with asthma, severe food allergies on medications and always at the doctor's office, maybe with depression and anxiety, poor self esteem and emotional problems, learning problems, angry or suffers with autism or diabetes.  I grieve when I meet parents who are challenged everyday with sick children who are always in pain or suffering and need constant medical care. I count my blessings that we were exposed to a different way and learned what to avoid before having our first daughter, Renee in 1980.
Our children were really healthy compared to most children and because of that; I am dedicated to sharing what we did that I believe made the huge difference. That is my motivation and my calling:  I believe all children should have the opportunity to express their God given health potential and what we do as parents will determine that outcome! Every decision we make will impact their life, some more than others.
I tell parents, "It is more about what you don't do!  Avoid toxic chemicals in the home, foods, water and from medication and drugs!


Mary Tocco, Independent Vaccine Researcher and Public Educator

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