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I am the father to two unvaccinated children...

I am the father to two unvaccinated children. Our son who is 16 and our daughter who is 11. When our son was born, he was was three months premature and was only 1 pound three ounces. He was fighting for his life and injecting toxins into him at the time didn't make much sense. We did our research and made an educated decision not to vaccinate. We were told our son would have all sorts of health challenges due to his low birth weight if he were to even survive. As i stated previously he is 16 and has never been on any prescriptions, never had an antibiotic, no allergies , and has been in only medically for a sports physical. When our daughter was born, we chose to no vaccinate her as well,and like her brother, has never had a antibiotic, never been on a prescription, never even taken an over the counter painkiller. She never misses school like her brother, except for family vacations etc. There immune systems have not been crippled, and they both are thriving. Glad to have shared this..

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