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Corey has always been a settled, happy child...

Corey has always been a settled, happy child.  He has had one illness in 5 yrs, a cough/cold when I vaccinated him homeopathically for whooping cough.  I think it gave him a mild dose of it and thats why I decided to stop vaccinating even homeopathically.  As a baby he required so little settling it was unbelievable.  You fed him, changed him let him have a play and then put him to bed and he would happily go to sleep.  Babysitters could not believe how easy he was to look after.

I truly believe after vaccinating my first son fully, and my second son to 6mths (stopped when he had a severe reaction) that our decision to not vaccinate Corey, our third son was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  He has been the happiest and healthiest of the three boys.  His immune system was allowed to function on its own and fight off all the bugs his brothers brought home from childcare, school and kinder. He is a healthy, robust child.  Corey was born at 35wks and the nurses in special care advised me not to vaccinate due to being a premmie.  I was surprised after having had to fight for our rights not to vaccinate previously but it proved the tide had turned since the dramas I had with not fully vaccinating Corey's older brother.

I have no doubt that Corey has been as healthy as he is because his immune system has not been compromised.  When I compare the health of him and his brothers between the ages of birth to 2 it is incredible how healthy he was whilst the others had numerous bouts of gastro, colds, a bad flu and one a compromised digestive system that led to food intolerances that could not be explained.  Antibiotics during pregnancy and vaccinations compromised Corey's brother's digestive system and he has only now at the age of 8 experienced true good health.  Corey has been able to eat anything and maintain a healthy body.  He has such a strong constitution, great gross and fine motor skills and is intelligent for his age.  I only wish I had not vaccinated his brothers so their immune systems had the same chance to function normally without a chemical, virus and bacteria overload.  I have no doubt my children are sensitive to chemicals, preservatives and additives.  It is reflected in their health and behaviour everytime they consume too many chemicals, preservatives and additives and I am grateful everyday of our lives that we saved at least one child from vaccination overload.  I feel guilty everyday for what I put the others through, especially my 8yr old who has had a much more difficult start to life because we vaccinated him.

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