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Increasing Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes in Youth


The incidence of type 1 diabetes is rising among children in Philadelphia. The incidence rate has increased by 29% since the 1985–1989 cohort. The most marked increases were among white children ages 10–14 years and black children ages 0–4 years. The incidence of type 1 diabetes is 18 times higher than that of type 2 in white children but only 1.6 times higher in black children.


Reuters is also reporting on the study. They asked some "experts" what they see is the cause for this increase:

"Why are we seeing this large increase in type 1 diabetes in very young children? Unfortunately, the answer is we don't know,"(Terri Lipman,  professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing).

... though the cause eludes researchers.

"This young group is a mystery," (Carol Levy, type 1 diabetes specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York )

Several theories vie to explain the recent rise in diabetes among youth, including vitamin D deficiencies, lack of breastfeeding and over-hygienic environments that might cause the immune system to backfire.

The most obvious cause for this increase are immunsystem altering vaccinations (through molecular mimicry), but vaccines are not even mentioned in the article!

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